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Be So Good, That They Can’t Ignore You! Testimonial from Patrick and Michelle Dowling

We took a look at ACN and decided to run hard with the opportunity from day one and have not looked back since. Patrick Maser, and Michael Maser provided us with an opportunity to dream again. The pressures of where we would be in 10 years financially when it was time for our four beautiful children: Taylor, Brooke, Ava, and Chase to attend college was just to much of a burden that we did not want to live with that feeling day in and day out. We wanted more for our kids then we knew that we would be capable of providing by leading the lives we were leading.

We felt as if we were meant to do great things in life and ACN was the vehicle that we truly believed would get us there. Here we have an opportunity to changes thousands of lives along the way and we will led by example and we will be there for every member of our team, day in and day out. In ACN you can not succeed on your own and we realized that very quickly. We will change the legacy of not just our lives but a legacy that will continue for years and years to come for this family.

We have one goal in this business. SVP/CIRCLE MEMBERS
Nothing will stop us! We just want to win! This team will win!
We live by a quote that was given to us by one of our mentors… “Be so good, that they can’t ignore you!”

We owe a special thanks to our entire team, and to three VERY SPECIAL brothers and one REAL special lady….Patrick Maser, Michael Maser, and Cynthia Maser.

Patrick and Michelle Dowling
Regional Directors

Patrick Maser: Honored to be Considered Inspiring by Other ACN Consultants

Patrick Maser featured in another consultant’s online blogger page being referred to as inspiring.  What an honor to be a motivating factor in changing people’s lives!


Open your mind to the opportunity in front of you. Let Patrick Maser guide you to success, like he has guided thousands over the past 12 years. For more information on ACN, click here.

Patrick Maser Speaks at the 2013 ACN Leadership Series

The 2013 ACN Leadership Series featured many of the top producing COCs including Patrick Maser, for a look inside the minds of the “best-of-the-best”.

“We talk a lot about the “best-of-the-best” at ACN when referring to our leaders and top producers. But what does this really mean? Yes, these individuals are consistently at the top of the production charts. Yes, they have customer acquisition down to a science. And yes, they can do a PBR in their sleep. But what really sets these individuals above the rest is their “never give in” mindset.”

Full article, “Is Your Mindset Set On Success?” – CLICK HERE

Open your mind to the opportunity in front of you.  Let Patrick Maser guide you to success, like he has guided thousands over the past 12 years. For more information on ACN, click here.

On the Path to Making all Their Dreams Come True – Testimonial from Paul and Dawn Pelletier

For over ten years, Paul Pelletier owned and operated a successful construction company building high-end homes throughout Connecticut. In autumn of 2008, his business came to a halt due to the down economy. After having worked for 16 months straight without a day off, he realized that he had become a slave to his business. He found himself praying for “something that he could work with” when he and his wife Dawn were introduced to ACN.

The idea of making residual income on recession-proof, essential services that people need and use every day just made sense to him. Although Dawn was skeptical when she first heard about ACN, she had a big reason “why” she was open to listening to a new opportunity.

After 25 years of working her way up the corporate ladder, Dawn found herself in a place where she had no time freedom, working 60-70 hours a week. Her profession demanded so much time and attention that family life was almost non-existent. Nothing means more to Paul and Dawn than to enjoy life with their two sons, Kyle and Alex, and help them achieve their dreams.

Paul and Dawn saw countless others having success with ACN’s amazing business model so they stepped in bringing their coach-ability and work ethic with them. Following the system that #1 SVPs Michael and Patrick Maser created, Paul and Dawn became the first Team Coordinators and Regional Directors in the state of Connecticut.

Today, they are on the path to making all their dreams come true – being able to share and enjoy life with their boys, and give back to their family and church in a way they would have never imagined before. ACN and Michael Maser and Patrick Maser and continue to be the answer to their prayers!

Paul and Dawn Pelletier
Regional Directors

Patrick Maser Trains on How to Build Your Business the Right Way

Learn from the best of the best in this training video on how to grow your ACN Business.  Build your business the right way as Patrick Maser guides you through the proper steps to take to create success!


Open your mind to the opportunity in front of you. Let Patrick Maser guide you to success, like he has guided thousands over the past 12 years. For more information on ACN, click here.

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