After college, both Erik & Lindsey pursued professional soccer careers. After just a few years, Erik’s playing days were numbered due to numerous injuries, leading him down a new path of teaching the game…His passion for kids and coaching evolved into owning & operating a soccer school. Lindsey continued on with her playing career, traveling the world as a member of the United States National Team.

In April of 2008, a routine knee operation turned out to be anything but routine…experiencing some life threatening complications, Erik and Lindsey battled and beat this health challenge and begin to pray more diligently than ever before for a different track to run on…

That blessing would come in September of 2009…ACN, specifically Patrick Maser and Michael Maser and have absolutely changed every aspect of their lives. While they loved their soccer business, namely, the kids & families, in reality they knew the business owned them…They realized that the track they were on was never going to allow them to achieve anything significant: a lifestyle to do the things in life that matter most, be there for their family, to retire their parents, to help their Church, to get involved in the community… With each season, each year, they found themselves working harder, making less, and experiencing a perpetual level of stress, frustration, and concern.

“With ACN, we are a part of the dream company! Everything is in place…the road map, the system, the infrastructure, the mission, the support and the mentors. For the first time in our lives, we are dreaming…Planning & mapping out our future – listing out who we can help, what we can do, where we can go. Pre ACN, we were focused on the next five minutes. As ACN Independent Business Owners, we now know that we are working hard on the right thing…

Being in a business where it is all about having an attitude of servitude is a dream come true for us…Waking up everyday and being a part of helping someone else achieve their “why is a truly extraordinary feeling.” Erik and Lindsey attribute their success to the system developed by Patrick Maser and Michael Maser.

Eric and Lindsey Ozimek
Regional Vice Presidents

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With no desire to be average, Patrick Maser has a drive, desire, and passion for greatness. He has maintained a laser focus on changing his own family’s financial future and empowering people to change their lives. Patrick Maser is showing people globally how to take control of their financial future and helping others to find success and discover the winner in themselves.