Born and raised in NYC, I was told at a very early age, “Go to school, get an education, work hard and you will become wealthy and have all you want in life!” Which I did!!! Unfortunately, that could not have been farther from the truth! Education did not equal success…

As a traditional business owner, the economy had affected my businesses negatively and I came up with the bright idea to go back into corporate America and get a good safe “job”! I had found a very lucrative position in NYC earning six figures and thought I had “made it”! Unfortunately for me, after being the #1 executive, and because I was a top earner in the company, I was one of the first to be let go once the company started to have financial problems. After being let go, I applied for unemployment and received $405 per week, which I was not able to live on and quickly depleted years and years of savings!! Which left me in a 911 emergency, wondering what I was going to do?!!

I was praying for an opportunity when I got the call to look at ACN. I had heard of it before, but this was the NEW and improved ACN that I had taken a look at years ago! The company had a proven track record, the services made sense, the compensation was the best I had ever seen, the co-founders were extraordinary, but Wealth Institute members Patrick Maser and Michael Maser, is what made me decide to move forward! I decided to give it a chance and the rest is history! After following the proven Wealth Institute system that Patrick Maser and Mike Maser had put together, I hit TC in approx 90 days, hit RD in approx 18 months, was ranked as the #1 Team Coordinator in all of ACN in 2013, qualified for the President’s Club Retreat and RVP and SVP are both in scope. With the proven system we have already been able to help thousands of people change their lives, gain hope and be able to dream again!

One of the most important things I can share with anyone wanting a change in their life, is you have to have a “why”! There must be a compelling reason that will separate you from the masses!! My “why”, which is the reason that allowed me to move forward from day one and be laser focused, was my family. My mother, Marie, that sacrificed so much for me and my sister, Cassandre. My grandmother, Yolande, the matriarch, who had come to America for a better life and had become a young widow left to raise 6 children on her own. And my beautiful nieces and nephew, Christina, Elianna, and Eli! If you have a why and follow the proven system…you can not help but to succeed!!

I thank God, first and foremost, for everything that I have been able to accomplish. And know, with Him all things are possible. Through this opportunity, I am a new person. I have grown and continue to grow every day! I work on myself every day to become a better person. Through this opportunity, I have achieved both financial freedom and time freedom! My goal is to share this gift with as many people as I can and to change hundreds of thousands of peoples lives!!! Sometimes I ask to be pinched to make sure I am not dreaming because in my BEST dream, I could have never imagined it being THIS GOOD!! Are you ready for the ride of your life?? See you all at the top!!!! God bless!

Guy Victor
Regional Director

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With no desire to be average, Patrick Maser has a drive, desire, and passion for greatness. He has maintained a laser focus on changing his own family’s financial future and empowering people to change their lives. Patrick Maser is showing people globally how to take control of their financial future and helping others to find success and discover the winner in themselves.