Five years prior to getting started, Jeff was introduced to ACN through a friend, Patrick Maser. The timing wasn’t right, and instead of seizing the opportunity, Jeff chose to open a traditional business, which turned into 5 cell phone store locations, in 3 different states. On the outside he appeared successful, but the reality was he owned a business that really owned him. He was working 80-90 hrs a week, his income was going down, yet the expenses continued to go up. Close to bankruptcy, frustrated, and desperate, Patrick re entered Jeff’s life with the ACN opportunity at the perfect time.

Jeff immediately saw there was a system that was in place, that with the combination of work ethic and coach-ability, they could create success. After 19 months and help from Michael Maser and Patrick Maser, Jeff became a Regional Vice President. The ACN opportunity has brought much more than just the financial reward. It has forced him to grow personally and professionally, it has allowed him to help others create success, and he feels thankful and blessed to be part of such a unique opportunity. Jeff attribute’s his success to the system, the incredible leadership, and hard work. ACN has given Jeff the freedom he was always looking for. In August of 2011, Jeff was featured in a 2 page spread in Success From Home Magazine. Today he lives on the sand in Newport Beach, California is more excited than ever about his future with ACN. Jeff Attributes his success to the system developed by Patrick Maser and Michael Maser

“Special skills or talent is not really important in finding success in network marketing. It’s more so being sold out to a system and making personal sacrifices to bring a strong work ethic to the table. There is no ceiling and the sky is the limit for individuals that are willing to do these things.” -Jeff Street, August 2011 edition of Success From Home Magazine-

Jeff Street
Platinum Regional Vice President

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With no desire to be average, Patrick Maser has a drive, desire, and passion for greatness. He has maintained a laser focus on changing his own family’s financial future and empowering people to change their lives. Patrick Maser is showing people globally how to take control of their financial future and helping others to find success and discover the winner in themselves.