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I Feel the Ultimate Happiness – Testimonial from Mizanur Rahman

The dream for a good life was a dream of mine that has made me fly and that what I felt when I entered in the States in 2003. But, as soon as I landed, I realized, I don’t have education from here, my language is not English, I didn’t have close ones to get a clue from. Me and my wife forgot about our dreams and could only think about passing somehow a day and a night only!

My first struggle was a restaurant job, and everyday of mine started with the anxiety for survival , and that ended with enormous stress at night. As a response to the call for a better life, I had to change and converted myself to a taxi-driver. I started to see some glimpse of light when I also started a small business very lately. However, everything I had that time made me happy,but, what I still missed is freedom, relaxation, and a calm and steady life with more rewards. I realized it more when I heard about ACN from my friend, Jewel, and that’s it! I felt, I got a single and hectic free path of life with full of rewards, money, and honor to walk through. I got some precious mentors, Michael Maser and Patrick Maser, who are not only my business partners, now they are proved as some of my true admirers of my life! I also got to know Dr. Harsimran Singh through ACN, who has also been a great inspirer of mine!

Today, I feel the ultimate happiness, honor, and how close I am to my American Dream, that is what made me more determined to go forward, go with Patrick Maser, Michael Maser and ACN!! Now I realize how amazing the way of making one’s life better, assisting others having better life and more fundamentally, moving professionally with an organization, like ACN…

Mizanur Rahman
Regional Vice President

Are You Ready For the Ride of Your Life? Testimonial From Guy Victor

Born and raised in NYC, I was told at a very early age, “Go to school, get an education, work hard and you will become wealthy and have all you want in life!” Which I did!!! Unfortunately, that could not have been farther from the truth! Education did not equal success…

As a traditional business owner, the economy had affected my businesses negatively and I came up with the bright idea to go back into corporate America and get a good safe “job”! I had found a very lucrative position in NYC earning six figures and thought I had “made it”! Unfortunately for me, after being the #1 executive, and because I was a top earner in the company, I was one of the first to be let go once the company started to have financial problems. After being let go, I applied for unemployment and received $405 per week, which I was not able to live on and quickly depleted years and years of savings!! Which left me in a 911 emergency, wondering what I was going to do?!!

I was praying for an opportunity when I got the call to look at ACN. I had heard of it before, but this was the NEW and improved ACN that I had taken a look at years ago! The company had a proven track record, the services made sense, the compensation was the best I had ever seen, the co-founders were extraordinary, but Wealth Institute members Patrick Maser and Michael Maser, is what made me decide to move forward! I decided to give it a chance and the rest is history! After following the proven Wealth Institute system that Patrick Maser and Mike Maser had put together, I hit TC in approx 90 days, hit RD in approx 18 months, was ranked as the #1 Team Coordinator in all of ACN in 2013, qualified for the President’s Club Retreat and RVP and SVP are both in scope. With the proven system we have already been able to help thousands of people change their lives, gain hope and be able to dream again!

One of the most important things I can share with anyone wanting a change in their life, is you have to have a “why”! There must be a compelling reason that will separate you from the masses!! My “why”, which is the reason that allowed me to move forward from day one and be laser focused, was my family. My mother, Marie, that sacrificed so much for me and my sister, Cassandre. My grandmother, Yolande, the matriarch, who had come to America for a better life and had become a young widow left to raise 6 children on her own. And my beautiful nieces and nephew, Christina, Elianna, and Eli! If you have a why and follow the proven system…you can not help but to succeed!!

I thank God, first and foremost, for everything that I have been able to accomplish. And know, with Him all things are possible. Through this opportunity, I am a new person. I have grown and continue to grow every day! I work on myself every day to become a better person. Through this opportunity, I have achieved both financial freedom and time freedom! My goal is to share this gift with as many people as I can and to change hundreds of thousands of peoples lives!!! Sometimes I ask to be pinched to make sure I am not dreaming because in my BEST dream, I could have never imagined it being THIS GOOD!! Are you ready for the ride of your life?? See you all at the top!!!! God bless!

Guy Victor
Regional Director

We are All Deserving of Greater Things! Testimonial from Ken and Amy Byrnes

In 2008, Ken and Amy were asked to look at the ACN opportunity. Quickly, they realized they had seen this opportunity before in 2007. The difference now…the timing was right. In the wake of a declining economy and the once thriving Real Estate market, which had allowed Ken to create his own hours and Amy to stay home with their four children, in a state of devastation they knew it was only a matter of time before they became one of the many fatalities. Ken had returned to long hours at the office, and Amy had returned to work as an event coordinator. The daily struggle and time away from the family, to maintain their life style, became grueling. Eventually, they lost not only the battle, but their home, cars, and most importantly their time together. They could now see this as the opportunity they needed to have their life back.

Within six months of starting their ACN business and with the help of Patrick Maser, and Michael Maser, they earned the position of Team Coordinator and over the next couple years they built a strong team spanning the United States. In 2011, still recovering from some of the financial obstacles and health issues of the past years, and ready to take their business to the next level; Ken and Amy made the decision to send Ken east to open a new market. This was not an easy decision, but with the variety of services ACN already provided and the company’s expansion into the energy market they felt it was a sacrifice worth making. Ken says “When we would get discouraged or the family was feeling separation anxiety, it was the support and mentorship of Michael Maser and Patrick Maser who reminded us WHY we were making the sacrifices and commitment, to keep our vision for our future, which compelled us to stay on course.”

Today, less than 8 months since that decision, Ken and Amy are top producing Regional Directors and President Club Members. When asked the secret to their success, Amy replies “It’s no secret…we simply became non-negotiable to the system that Michael Maser and Patrick Maser developed. It is a system for success that’s been proven time and time again and produced the #1 team in all of ACN. Because of the personal development and mentorship we have received along the way we have been able to develop a business culture throughout our team. The ACN opportunity takes the desperation, anxiety, and lack of self worth that so many feel today and replaces it with feelings of hope, strength, prosperity, and value. What’s not great about that? We are all deserving of greater things!”

Ken and Amy Byrnes
Regional Directors

With ACN We Are Part of the Dream Company! Testimonial from Erik and Lindsey Ozimek

After college, both Erik & Lindsey pursued professional soccer careers. After just a few years, Erik’s playing days were numbered due to numerous injuries, leading him down a new path of teaching the game…His passion for kids and coaching evolved into owning & operating a soccer school. Lindsey continued on with her playing career, traveling the world as a member of the United States National Team.

In April of 2008, a routine knee operation turned out to be anything but routine…experiencing some life threatening complications, Erik and Lindsey battled and beat this health challenge and begin to pray more diligently than ever before for a different track to run on…

That blessing would come in September of 2009…ACN, specifically Patrick Maser and Michael Maser and have absolutely changed every aspect of their lives. While they loved their soccer business, namely, the kids & families, in reality they knew the business owned them…They realized that the track they were on was never going to allow them to achieve anything significant: a lifestyle to do the things in life that matter most, be there for their family, to retire their parents, to help their Church, to get involved in the community… With each season, each year, they found themselves working harder, making less, and experiencing a perpetual level of stress, frustration, and concern.

“With ACN, we are a part of the dream company! Everything is in place…the road map, the system, the infrastructure, the mission, the support and the mentors. For the first time in our lives, we are dreaming…Planning & mapping out our future – listing out who we can help, what we can do, where we can go. Pre ACN, we were focused on the next five minutes. As ACN Independent Business Owners, we now know that we are working hard on the right thing…

Being in a business where it is all about having an attitude of servitude is a dream come true for us…Waking up everyday and being a part of helping someone else achieve their “why is a truly extraordinary feeling.” Erik and Lindsey attribute their success to the system developed by Patrick Maser and Michael Maser.

Eric and Lindsey Ozimek
Regional Vice Presidents

Able to Achieve Their “Why!” – Testimonial From Pat and Amanda Whaley

Nearing the end of 2010, Pat and Amanda were introduced to the ACN opportunity. At that time in their lives, Pat was working over 80 hours a week in the mortgage banking industry, facing each day with negativity and anxiety of not knowing where the industry was headed due to the rise of the downturn of the economy. Amanda was a stay at home mother of their 15-month old son, diligently seeking and failing to find work in the field of study she pursued in college. The daily fight and struggle of trying to make ends meet was becoming a constant battle they were slowly starting to lose. By praying more diligently and persistently than ever before, their prayers had been answered with the blessing of a company, ACN.

Within 4 ½ months of starting their ACN business, and with the mentorship of Patrick Maser, and Michael Maser, they achieved the position of Team Coordinator within the company. Shortly after hitting Team Coordinator, they were blessed with an additional “WHY”—twins girls. Humbled by the experience of almost losing it all, including their twin girls, Pat and Amanda realized that a fierce work ethic, a burning desire and being non-negotiable to the system in place is what it was going to take to be able to achieve their “WHY!”

Today, only 18 months into the business, Pat & Amanda are Regional Directors and Presidents Club Members within the company. “ACN has certainly changed our lives. Through personal development and with the support and mentorship of Patrick Maser, Michael Maser and Erik & Lindsey Ozimek, we now have a sense of self-worth, hope and strength and with that we have become better leaders, parents, and spouses.” ACN has certainly provided them with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that they have not only changed their lives, but that they can help others achieve their dreams and goals!

Pat and Amanda Whaley
Regional Directors

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